About Us

Corporate events are an essential tool that companies use to motivate, build loyalty and recognize both their customers through the organization of promotional events and their own employees through motivating events and meetings.

When organizing an event of these characteristics, that is to say, corporate, we must be clear about the objective we are looking for or trying to achieve. For C&Events it is important to mark which are the goals that have the area of Marketing, HR, the person responsible for the product or project to expose or that part of the company that leads the corporate event.

C&Events is a corporate event agency that organizes, in a professional and delicate way, each event aimed at companies or workers. We develop together with the client a briefing in which all the information is captured, to design step by step every detail of the event.

Once the details of the event have been agreed with the client, it will be us, together with our professional team and our collaborators, who will carry out a complete project of the event with several proposals, which we will agree with the person responsible for leading the event in the client’s company.